Get real

Published July 4, 2024

By Gary Pearce

To Democrats who say President Biden should “step down,” I ask: What happens next?

Will a magical mystery messiah emerge, unite the party in a month and march to victory 18 weeks from tomorrow?

Or will there be division, a bitter battle and a contentious convention like 1968, which led to Nixon, and 1980, which led to Reagan?

This time, it would lead to four more years of a dark, divisive, destructive, dictatorial and decidedly anti-democratic Trump.

Whatever his faults, Biden is the only person who can beat Trump.

He’s the only person who has beaten Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton and a string of Republicans from Jeb Bush (Remember Jeb!) to Nikki Haley.

As The Philadelphia Inquirer editorialized Saturday, “the debate about the debate is misplaced. The only person who should withdraw from the race is Trump.”

Which scenario is most likely: (A) a messiah emerges or (B) Biden gets better – remember the State of the Union? – rallies and wins in November?

Tune out the pundits’ and smarty-pants’ bed-wetting and thumb-sucking.

Watch MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell shred their flawed, overwrought and superficial commentary.

Since the debate, Biden’s campaign has raised more than $33 million. Rank-and-file Democrats have rallied across the country like they did in Raleigh Friday.

Let’s get real, get to work and win.