Gospel truth? Or heresy?

Published April 1, 2021

By Carter Wrenn

To get reelected Trump had to win one war: He had to beat Joe Biden with Independents. He failed. But, as we hear Trumpsters say every day, most Republicans are still blindly loyal to Trump.

Gospel truth? Or heresy?

Forty-four years ago when I managed Ronald Reagan’s first Presidential campaign in North Carolina we fought a brutal political war – against other Republicans – over three issues: Détente, Communism, the Cold War – no quarter was asked or given but back then we believed asking blind loyalty to Reagan (or any man) was heresy.

Donald Trump has built a different world. To Trump you’re either for him or against him. Loyalty is a litmus test.

Is blind loyalty (to Trump) gospel truth? Unfortunately for Trump his pride whispers it is and Trumpsters, when they nod, compound the grief.