Gray areas

Published June 13, 2024

By Carter Wrenn

Sighing, a friend told me, The rule of law in America is no more. It’s gone.

Sitting across the table another friend nodded, Biden’s using judges to destroy Trump. Biden controls the judiciary.

I asked: If that’s so why didn’t he derail his son’s trial in Delaware? 

The verdicts in Trump’s first two New York trials – $85 million and $500 million – were over the top. But how Trump landed in half a dozen lawsuits is more complicated than just calling it ‘a witch-hunt.’

When it comes to breaking the law if you step close to the line most lawyers tell you: Stop. Don’t go there. That’s a gray area. 

Years ago, Donald Trump hired Roy Cohn, famous for the Army-McCarthy hearings, to be his lawyer. Cohn wasn’t cautious when it came to gray areas. And Trump learned from Cohn. Eventually, Cohen got disbarred. And Trump got sued over a thousand times. Trump University is an example – he charged into a gray area, got sued, had to pay a $25 million fine. But at the same time Trump weathered lawsuits. And made millions. And to a businessman the bottom line is money.

But politics isn’t a business. It’s a world of its own.

To hide paying Stormy Daniels hush money Trump charged into a gray area. Was that a felony? Probably not. Was it a misdemeanor? Maybe. Was it wrong? Yes.

Trump charged into another gray area on January 6 – the one serious case against him is the slates of fake Trump electors he put together, which led Mike Pence to break with Trump. But that case won’t be heard in court until after the election, if ever.

Will the case Trump just lost in New York help Biden? It might. Or might not. We’re going to have to wait a while to see the answer to that question. But when Trump charges into political gray areas he spins tales to limit the damage, saying ‘justice is gone.’

For a moment, let’s say Trump’s right. What if justice is gone? What’s the cure? Charging into another gray area Trump is pretty blunt about his cure: Elect me and I’ll do what Biden has done – I’ll use the courts to prosecute the people who prosecuted me.

But that sounds like an eye for an eye. Like he’s out for revenge – not justice.