How low can the two candidates go?

Published April 18, 2024

By Gary Pearce

The Kelly Daughtry-Brad Knott race shows how low Republicans will go in their pathetic pandering to Donald Trump.

The May 14 runoff in the 13th Congressional District, south and east of Raleigh, is all about who can bow down deepest to Trump.

Bryan Anderson wrote in The Assembly, (“The GOP’s Family Feud”), that Daughtry’s father Leo, a long-time and conventionally conservative Republican politician, defended her fealty by saying she “is in fact Trumpy enough.”

But not Trumpy enough for Trump. He endorsed Knott, which may negate the millions of dollars the Daughtries have spent.

Anderson found a “charisma deficit” in the race. Both candidates “came across as stiff and mild-mannered.”

He reported, “I asked the candidates how they differed on policy. Daughtry paused for 20 seconds before saying, ‘I don’t know.’ Knott couldn’t identify a clear policy difference either,” but said, “We’re (sic) the only conservative in this race.”

Whoever wins gets to kowtow to Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

They’ll serve in a dysfunctional Republican caucus with luminaries like Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green.

And, as one rueful Knott supporter told me, they’ll face “a day of reckoning” – when Trump is gone, the MAGA poison is purged and they have to answer to posterity.

I know some people on both sides in this race.

I don’t agree with them politically, but they’re good people – much more decent, honest and honorable than Trump.

Surely, they don’t enjoy this humiliation.

I hope that someday, soon, they will stand up to Trump, stand up for their country and restore honor, honesty and decency to their party.