I don't want Trump removed

Published January 23, 2020

By Thomas Mills

I don’t want the Senate to remove Donald Trump from office. I want him to be voted out in a humiliating defeat in November. That’s not to say I don’t think he should have been impeached or that I don’t think he’s guilty. I just believe that the best way to reverse the plague of Trumpism is to defeat it at the ballot box. Otherwise, Trump will become even more of a cult figure. 

I also believe America needs this trial. The whole world needs to see how far the Republican Party has fallen. This trial is as much about the GOP in general as it is about Donald Trump.

I want the trial to expose people like Thom Tillis. He went to Washington crowing about his independence. He talked about how he would work across the aisle to get things done. Instead, he’s little more than a Trump lacky, more fearful of losing his own career than doing what is right. He’s the poster boy for the spineless Republican Party that sacrificed its values and beliefs for a shady reality show star. Thom Tillis stands for nothing.

There’s little doubt that Donald Trump asked a foreign country to interfere in our elections by announcing a phony investigation into Joe Biden. There’s increasing evidence that the White House and Trump associates ran a rogue foreign policy outfit that intimidated career diplomats who they feared would foil their nefarious schemes. I hope the trial we’re about to see will show how far the Republican Party will go to cover up wrong doing of the president to protect their political lives.

I want this trial because I want to gauge my fellow Americans. That so many support Donald Trump has been more than a disappointment. It’s been a wakeup call. Too many people are willing to look the other way while Trump appeals to racism and bigotry to motivate his disaffected base. I want people to see that the GOP will put politics before country to protect a corrupt president. And I want the Republican Party to pay the price at the ballot box in November. I want my fellow citizens to solve the crisis in our democracy created by Trump and the GOP.

Maybe that’s a pipe dream, but that’s why I don’t want Donald Trump removed from office through the impeachment process.