Published February 29, 2024

By Carter Wrenn


In ancient times men worshiped idols made of stone or gold, like the ‘Golden Calf’ the Israelites bowed to at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Time rolled by and ideologies (promising salvation) took the place of golden idols.

Surrounded by threats, with Christianity waning, fearful men now cling to ideologies – E.D.I., Wokeness, other political charades; larger than life strutting politicians to get votes promise they’ll save us.

In a campaign a politician thinks, Look at me. Look at what I’m doing. I’m winning this election. But he’s really like a frog on a log floating down a river watching the banks roll by, telling himself, I’ve really got this log rolling. But it’s not him, it’s the river.

Years ago, sitting in a hospital I watched a doctor in green scrubs walk through a door, cross the room walking toward me. Staring up at his face I knew I had no power at all – when he said, Your wife’s tumor was benign, I said a prayer of thanks to the Good Lord.

In the end, no man has the power to save himself. Only God can save him. And the moment a man sees that, a deeper faith takes root. And then, if he watches, he’ll see the Lord’s acts of kindness every day.

Bowing to idols is an old trap – that we’ve fallen into again.