Impeachment polls

Published January 9, 2020

By Carter Wrenn

Without a murmur of doubt a Republican pollster sitting on the dais at a forum announced, Impeachment is bringing Independent voters into Trump’s camp – and the Democratic pollster sitting beside him shot-back, Just look at the numbers. Trump’s toast.

Thinking ‘neither can see the forest through the trees’ I went to Real Clear Politics website to look at the polls myself but one mystery led to another: Some polls said, Yes, some said, No – and ambiguity deepened. But one poll stopped me in my tracks: Fox News had done a poll and in it 50% of the people said Yes not just to impeaching Trump but to impeaching and removing Trump from office. Here’re the numbers:


Fox News Poll

Impeach and remove Trump – 50%

Impeach but not remove – 4%

Against Impeachment – 41%