Isn't it about time to celebrate something good?

Published August 20, 2020

By Joe Mavretic

With all the stuff going smelly around the world, I need an oompa! Not the sappy kind which ends the evening’s daily "If it bleeds, it leads" news. Not the 60 Minutes "spoon full of sugar" after their doses of awful. I need something more permanent than a Civil War statue to just make me feel good for one whole day. Something that most folks can "GET!"
I know, right now in North Carolina, it’s a reach to get hold of anything that even half of us can agree upon. Trump Sucks! Biden’s Bonkers! Climate’s changing-NO it isn’t. Open our schools-Keep 'em closed. More aid-More debt! Our Constitution enables-No, it doesn’t! I don’t like the outcome so I’m going to court! Our Ship-Of-State is pounded on all sides as the storms increase. 
Governor Cooper’s got both hands on the tiller all day, every day, just trying to stay on course, and that ain’t easy, sister! But, what the 'Hey', one more Executive Order isn’t going to swamp the ship.           
'Gov, how about proclaiming a NC DOG DAY. Not a State Dog Day for our Plott Hound. Not a special breed championship dog day. Not an Adopt-a-Pet day. Just a day for all dogs. Every Dog. Rescue dogs. Lap dogs. Droolers and lickers. Puppies and grey muzzles. Hunters and lovers. Smelly and perfumed. Brushed and tangled. Dogs that don’t know if you’re a D or an R. Dogs that don’t know if you filled out the census. Dogs that don’t care how much money you have. Dogs that don’t care what church you attend-or if you worship at all. Dogs that are colorblind even if they aren’t. Dogs that love you when you’ve been a snit. All of us can use a day that begins with a couple good dog stories instead of last night’s shooting. A day with a whole morning devoted to what dogs are doing for us. A mid-day break with dog news and weather for dogs. An afternoon filled with dog documentaries from the NC State Vet School followed by two hours of "What Carolina Dogs did today and Dogs around the world." Finish our NC DOG DAY with UNCTV stations rerunning great dog movies! 
By now the cat-loving readers are having the heebie-jibees, so here’s the dog Yang to the cat Yin: cats won’t go out for a walk with you; cats aren’t sent into earthquake rubble to find survivors; cats aren’t trained to comfort kids in our cancer wards; cats don’t sniff for drugs and bombs; cats aren’t worth-a-toot as sheep/goat/cow herders, and there isn’t a cat in the country that will launch into icey water to retrieve a dead duck!
So…Governor Cooper, how about a day’s splash of sunshine for us two-legged after five months of drama, sadness and turmoil. You have a fine staff that can get this done in a few days. Archie Bell might even write a new song for you entitled, "Lighten Up!"