Jeff Jackson should run for NC-14

Published February 24, 2022

By Thomas Mills

When Jeff Jackson ended is race for U.S. Senate, he did so with class. He laid on a heavy endorsement of Cherie Beasley and he left her a wide lane while Republicans are battling out a tough primary. Now, he should run in the new NC-14 that covers much of Mecklenburg County.

Jackson proved in his run that he can put together a campaign and the work necessary to win. He raised significant money from a low-dollar operation and he excited a lot of Democrats, particularly younger ones. He had the organization to do a 100 county tour and he kept people engaged on social media.

Now, we have a short leash heading into the May primary. Jackson likely has the funds to get up and running quickly. He’s clearly willing to do the work and it’s a natural step from state Senate to Congress. If he files, he should be considered the frontrunner, at least in the primary.

 The district leans Democratic but could be tough race in a challenging year for Democrats. Jackson brings the charisma to motivate younger people that the party needs to win. He also should have the tacit support of Cherie Beasley, even if not an outright endorsement until after the primary. The two could make a powerful team in Charlotte, motivating both African Americans and younger voters.