Just when you think nothing can shock you

Published June 9, 2022

By Lib Campbell

Mr. Lieutenant Governor, the “I’s” have it. Insult. Injury. Ignorance. As a woman and a pastor in the United Methodist Church, I am greatly insulted by your comment that “Christians are called to be led by men.” Then you continue to say, social justice has “weaved its way” into society, implying that social justice denigrates society. Really? Then you go on to expound on folly, using a proverb from the Hebrew Scriptures.
I am certain that your remarks, and previous remarks, like calling homosexual people, “filth” have caused hurt and injury to wide swaths of your constituents. Inflammatory, incendiary rhetoric may draw attention to you – and who was it that said, as long as you are in the news, at least you are not forgotten? Misogyny and Homophobia are dangerous to large groups of women and gay people who want to be who they are and love whom they want to love. Bullies bully because they are afraid. What are you afraid of Mark Robinson?
The ignorance comes in, as Scripture is manipulated and mis-used to make the point you want to make. The text you base your comments on is 1 Timothy 2. The verses also say women should not braid their hair or wear pearls. Written in the first century, women were barely more than property. Patriarchy and male hegemony in first century culture were, sadly, the norm. Would you have us go back to first century life? Black men were slaves then too. I doubt you would want that.
Regarding social justice, Jesus did not start that. The Prophets of the Old Testament knew that right relationship with Yahweh was fulfilled in “letting justice roll down like water, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” From the beginnings of the Judeo-Christian faith, exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus, justice for all people has been the call. I don’t know what you think the Christian life is, but in my faith grace-full justice is at the heart of it.
You continue to shock me, Mark. I cannot imagine what we will be subjected to if you ever hold elected office again. It seems, though, that more and more people like you feel license to spout off hate and mistrust anywhere and anytime you want to. What is the end game of hateful speech? Do we destroy or build up when we talk like that? Do we speak out against such venomous speech? A sad truth, as evident in what I see around me, is that no one in your Party is likely to speak out against such damaging thoughts and words. Pity.
I have always envisioned a percussive effect of the words that come out of my – and your – mouth. Like ripples in the air, the sound travels forth in the cybersphere to someplace far beyond earshot. Someone called this, “the butterfly effect.” Even a small ripple of hate affects the world in ways we do not always know. If you want to go back to the teachings of Jesus, you might want to try, “let us love one another as we have been loved.” Try that one, Mark. Let’s change the world for good.
Lib Campbell is a retired Methodist Pastor, columnist, retreat leader and hosts the blogsite avirtualchurch.com. Contact her at libcam05@gmail.com