Published March 16, 2023

By Carter Wrenn

In America these days you see wokeness, political wars, media howling, crime soaring – and shake your head, wondering, Where did we go wrong?

The other night my wife told me to watch David Muir’s news broadcast from the day before – and I got a surprise: A rail-thin, eighty-year-old, wobbly-legged man’s rent went up $400 a month. He couldn’t pay his bills. Hobbling down hallways he took a job as a janitor in a Texas high school.

Three students, using cell phones, filmed him pushing a yellow trash cart with a huge furry mop sticking out the top down a hallway, put the video on GoFundMe – one of the students told David Muir, We were just hoping whatever we can get might give him a little bit of cushion…

Eight thousand people gave $270,000.

America’s still a good nation.