Mike Morgan proposes southern piedmont corridor expansion

Published February 8, 2024

By Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan, Democratic candidate for Governor, is proposing a major highway thoroughfare construction project to open up the state’s southern Piedmont in a manner which would connect the cities of Charlotte and Raleigh along the corridor of Highways 64 and 49.

“I am proposing a major highway upgrade for the US 64 / NC 49 corridor connecting the state’s two largest economies.  This will be a super-highway that utilizes the current corridor as a means to speed up access for people working between North Carolina’s two largest metropolitan areas.  I will also propose obtaining enough right-of-way so that we can begin planning the construction of a high-speed, electric rail system directly connecting the two cities,” said Mr. Morgan.

“This is a visionary idea that will be beneficial to future generations.  It will help provide economic growth for the rural areas in the southern Piedmont found in such places as Randolph, Davidson, Stanly, and Cabarrus counties,” said Mr. Morgan.  “Wouldn’t it be great to have a bullet train connecting Raleigh and Charlotte in an hour?”

“Connecting the state’s two largest economies with high-speed rail, allowing commuters to get back and forth between Raleigh and Charlotte, while boosting bordering rural areas in the process, will be a major benefit for our North Carolina’s booming population and economy in the coming years.  We need leadership with vision who will present bold and innovative ideas that will move the people and the economy of our state forward,” added Mr. Morgan.

Morgan said the environmental impact of a high-speed train between Raleigh and Charlotte will also help the state to combat climate change. “Fewer vehicles on our roadways means less pollution in the air, therefore, protecting and conserving the delicate layers of the atmosphere,” said Mr. Morgan.