More irresponsible and embarrassing nonsense from the deeply troubled Madison Cawthorn

Published November 9, 2021

By Rob Schofield

North Carolina’s 11th District congressman, Madison Cawthorn, is at it again. In his latest newsletter, Rep. Cawthorn makes an array of outrageous statements regarding the pandemic and vaccinations, but he may have outdone himself with an entry he’s labeled “Fauci is a Demon Doctor that Deserves to be Prosecuted.”

The preposterous and offensive headline appears over the following utterly insane sentences:

"I took to the house floor a couple weeks ago to reveal the heinous mutilating techniques that Dr. Fauci has been using on puppies in Africa using YOUR tax dollars.

Fauci has gone too far and it is time he is fired from his position and investigated for all of the crimes against animals and humanity he has committed. You can view the full speech HERE."

In the ridiculous one-minute speech, Cawthorn claims that the Chief Medical Advisor to the President somehow caused a group of puppies to be mercilessly tortured in some kind of weird and sadistic experiment in Africa.

We are not making this up.

As with so much of the delusional, conspiracy theory-inspired drivel that emanates from this pathetic individual, it is of course, utter nonsense.

Click here to read a thorough debunking of the latest bit of right-wing looniness by Dana Millbank of the Washington Post and here on the website Mic by writer Rafi Schwartz.

It remains an ongoing outrage that supposedly responsible Republican leaders like Richard Burr and Thom Tillis allow this deeply disturbed person to continue to spew absurd lies without calling him out and demanding his resignation.