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NC SPIN episode #1053 - Air Date 01/18/2019

This week's NC SPIN has lots of great discussion including problems in our university system, failures in the Read to Achieve program and we ask the panel to tell us something we don't know. Be sure...    Watch NC SPIN

NC SPIN episode #1053   |   Air Date January 18, 2019

NC SPIN: Cooper Vetoes, District Vacancy, Board of Governors Rejects UNC Solution to Silent Sam, Court Revokes Permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline, ACA Enrollment Deadline Ends with Fewer Signup, This Christmas no Apple; just a lump of coal

Panelists: Chris Fitzsimon, Senior Political Analyst; John Hood, Syndicated Columnist and Author; Phil Kirk, Former Senator and Chair of State Board of Education; Beverly Perdue, Former Governor; Tom Campbell, Moderator.    Watch NC SPIN

NC SPIN episode #1049   |   Air Date December 21, 2018