North Carolina Minute: Driving in the 1920s

Published September 15, 2022

By J. C. Knowles

The following information was taken from the back of the Raleigh Driver's License for the year 1923. These rules and regulations gave you permission to drive on any street in the City of Raleigh. Note: this was a city of Raleigh Driver's license, not a North Carolina license. In 1923 there were less than 150,000 cars in all of North Carolina. By 1950 there were more than a million. The state did not require cars to be registered until 1915.

1.     Speed Limits: Residential district, 20 miles per hour. Busines district, 10 miles per hour. Crossing sidewalks from alleys, etc. 5 miles per hour. School zones, 10 miles per hour.

2.     No motor shall be left running when car is unattended.

3.     Use dimmers within city limits.

4.     Burn tail-lights at night.

5.     All motor cars and horse-drawn vehicles from the right have right of way.

6.     Cut-outs and noisy horns are prohibited.

7.      All parking is parallel to curb except on Fayetteville and one-way streets.

8.     One hour parking limit in business district.

9.     Signal with hand when turning or stopping car.