North Carolina stands to lose as much as 5$ billion due to the undercount of our population

Published October 15, 2020

By Rebecca Tippett

The Supreme Court ruled this week that the Census will end as of October 15th. North Carolina is still below our 2010 self-response rate of 64.8% and our rate is far below the national average. This low self-response rate puts North Carolina at increased risk of an undercount, jeopardizing our fair share of federal dollars for the next decade.

The cost of a 3% undercount to NC's communities: 

$1.8 billion in NC's rural communities
$400 million for NC's veterans
$333 million for children under the age of 5
$930 million for African American communities
$545 million for Hispanic/Latino communities
$50 million for Native Americans
$932 million for North Carolinians over the age of 65

10 year impact based on population estimates from the NC Office of State Budget & Management and estimated per capita funding from the GWU 'Counting for Dollars 2020' study and the NC Office of State Budget and Management.