One surprise

Published October 8, 2020

By Carter Wrenn

Courtesy allows people who disagree – Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans – to go on living together in one country; take it away and you live in a perpetual knife fight – like the one we watched the other night between Trump and Biden.

It’s tempting to blame Trump – who’s the world champion name-caller. But Washington insider Biden stood toe to toe with Trump when it came to hurling insults.

Trump boasted to everyone watching the Sheriff of Portland supported him – later that night the Sheriff tweeted he’d never supported Trump.

Biden told everyone if Trump is defeated on Election Day he’ll go down in history as the first President who lost jobs during his presidency – but, in fact, that was Herbert Hoover.

Every day, on Facebook and Twitter thousands, millions, of American hurrah politicians – by ‘liking’ – their insults. So Trump and Biden gave us a no holds barred fight, until Chris Wallace rang the final bell.

But there was one surprise: After our candidates for President walked off the stage people on both sides sighed, I feel ashamed.