Poll watch

Published March 7, 2024

By Gary Pearce

High Point University hit a low point in polling.

Last Friday, four days before Tuesday’s primary, the HPU poll reported this in the Democratic race for N.C. Attorney General:

Satana Deberry       31%

Tim Dunn                  33%

Jeff Jackson              36%

The poll was right on the money. About Deberry. She got 33% of the vote.

But Jackson (photo) got almost 55% and Dunn, just 12%.

I’m no statistician, but that looks like a margin of error of 20-40%, depending on how you look at it.

Why does this matter?

Because media across the state reported the poll.

Then some Democrats jumped on Jeff Jackson. They said he wasn’t taking the primary seriously.

Obviously, he was taking it seriously. And he had his own poll.

It was a lot of noise about nothing.

The media gives polls too much attention, too much credibility – and too little scrutiny.