Post Election Perspective From An Eastern NC Conservative

Published November 13, 2012

By Henry Hinton

by Henry Hinton

I don’t know if I should celebrate or cry in my soup.  That’s the feeling of many North Carolina conservatives as we grasp for perspective on what just happened in the election.  At the state level it was obviously a great year for the conservative movement albeit twenty years late.  At the federal level the country clearly has reached a tipping point and finding common ground is going to be harder to attain I’m afraid.

Most concerning to me is the fact that many voted for president based on their own individual special interest with no concern of the greater good.  Now the election is over and we’re faced with the “fiscal cliff”.  What to do to save the country’s economy and lower the gargantuan debt that will soon eat us alive.  Can the country survive as we spend ourselves into even further debt?  Were liberals even interested in this when they went to the polls?  As a good friend of mine said “am I to believe that the government can take my tax dollar and provide it to the needy more wisely than I, my church and the charities I support”.

In North Carolina the naysayers are already out and predicting Governor-elect Pat McCrory will take a strong right turn by making Voter ID one of the first priorities.  I hope he does.  This will not affect his efforts to lower the unemployment rate and fix our economy.   Of all the things that make no sense opposing Voter ID tops the list.  If I hear that voters will be “disenfranchised” one more time I’m going to seriously get sick.  And it is amazing to me that the liberals are screaming bloody murder over McCrory’s appointment of Art Pope to his transition leadership team while they enjoy the fruits of George Soros’ labor in the white house.

North Carolina can now show the rest of the country that a strong conservative team can lead the way in bringing back an economy, reforming public education and moving us forward with new ideas.  One hundred years is a long time to wait.  The moment for the GOP in NC has finally come.  Ironic that it is happening at a time when the party seems to be falling apart at the federal level.

Back to my soup!

Henry Hinton is host of Eastern NC's "Talk of the Town" and is an NC Spin Panelist


November 13, 2012 at 12:11 pm
jimtklahican says:

I give them 2 years before the people of NC start throwing them out.

November 13, 2012 at 1:58 pm
Kevin Stevens says:


For me the reason Romney lost is clear.

(1) He neglected the Tea Party. Hence the 3 million no shows.

(2) His focus was only the economy and the hard choices needed. That does not sit well with the give-me I deserve it voters. He should have focused on more job creation ideas that the average voter could understand.

(3) He blew the last debate by trying to look Presidential. He should have taken Obama head on and been more confrontational.

(4) Say what you want Chris Christie cost him the election.

McCrory will do what is right for NC. Pay no attention to the left. They will come crawling on their knees soon enough. The bank is out of money, plain and simple. We can no longer buy the votes with hand outs and generous pensions, there is no money left. trust me within the next four years we will have Greece like protests as our debt rating declines, and the money dries up.

No one is talking about the tax revenue that has INCREASED by billions into the federal government over the last two years with virtually no growth in the economy. Now we are going to raise taxes?

The Republicans need to grow some hair on their chest and start attacking the media and the President. Boehner will give in once again. He is a big part of this mess and needs to be replaced!

Just Sayin