Rare courage

Published January 26, 2023

By Carter Wrenn

Every election for years I heard Tom Ellis tell politicians, Put principle above politics – to do what’s right, don’t worry about getting elected. Those days are past.

After reading an Elon Musk tweet Trump, on a tear, said election fraud justified ‘termination of the Constitution.’ He lost under the constitution – so throw out the constitution.

Democrats howled. CNN, MSNBC, howled. What did Republicans do?

Afraid of Trump, fearing Trumpsters like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy didn’t say a word – with a principle on the line he put politics first. And so did a lot of other Washington Republicans.

Two years ago Trump told Mike Pence to throw out Biden’s Electoral College votes – Pence said no. Courage like that is rare today – and getting rarer. Can you wave a magic wand to bless Washington politicians with backbone? You don’t have that power. But you can vote against Washington politicians who put politics above principle.