Run, Liz, run

Published January 26, 2023

By Gary Pearce

America needs a third party. Liz Cheney should be its nominee for President. She could save America, and the Republican Party, from Donald Trump.

We don’t need a centrist third party searching for a mythical middle ground. We need a true, never-Trump conservative party.

Trump is no conservative. He’s a divider and a destroyer.

Cheney has the courage and the conservative credentials to take him on. Apparently, no other Republican candidate will.

She could run against him for the Republican nomination. I’m guessing that a third of Republicans would be devoted to Trump, a third dead-set against him and a third up for grabs.

I admit that, if Cheney ran third-party, she might reelect Biden or elect another Democrat. And I admit I’d like that.

But I’d really like to see decent, principled Republicans exorcise the demon Trump.

Richard Burr could be Cheney’s running mate. Remember, he voted to convict Trump for the attack on the Capitol, then got censured by the state GOP.

The Republican Party began in the 1850s as a third party when the Whigs broke apart over slavery.

It’s time to save America again.