Sex texting

Published October 15, 2020

By Carter Wrenn

A thirteen-year-old boy sex texting, maybe…a forty-seven-year-old father, bizarre.

Cal Cunningham quoted the motto ‘To Be Rather Than To Seem’ the morning he announced (for Senate) – then smiled ‘that’s me!’ He’s purred, I love North Carolina…I’m a small-town boy…I’m for you…then, boom, she’s married, he’s married, they’re not married to each other, their texts land in newspapers, raising the question: If your wife can’t trust you, who can?

Chuck Schumer forked over $80 million to elect boy scout Cal then the bottom fell out of the bucket; bizarre turned to weird – a Wilmington Democrat posted on Facebook her friend who’s having an affair with Cunningham was devastated to find out he had another girlfriend. The texting girlfriend told a reporter she and Cunningham were ‘intimate’ in his home, and her husband, army veteran, paratrooper, rolling his eyes, said he didn’t have much faith in Cunningham’s judgement.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.