Shaky ground

Published March 10, 2021

By Carter Wrenn

President Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, declared to Fox News, “Trump effectively is the Republican party.”

Years ago conservatives, like Ronald Reagan, rebuilt the Republican party based on conservative principles that reflected the gospels they believed in. That led to battles between Republicans and Democrats on issues.

Many of those conservative issues were weapons in Trump’s toolbox but, at the same time, like many candidates Trump’s gospel is about Trump. Jason Miller stated it clearly: The Republican party is, ultimately, about Donald Trump.

Which leads to a problem that rolls all the way back to the Sermon on the Mount: ‘No man can serve two masters.’ Why not? Because sooner or later, whether he’s Trump or someone else, he’ll have to choose one over the other – and he’ll pick the one he loves most.

Let’s give credit to Trump when credit is due (like for cutting taxes) – but stick with conservative principles. Pledging allegiance to a man (whether it’s Trump or someone else) is shaky ground.