Sharia Law – Really?

Published July 10, 2013

By Brad Crone

By Brad Crone, NC SPIN panelist and President, Campaign Connections, July 10, 20113.



The past few nights I have slept a lot better knowing that the General Assembly is taking time to address the Sharia Law issue in North Carolina.

Thank the Lord for that.  Isn’t it evident that Sharia Law is a major threat to our criminal and civil courts?Both chambers of the State Legislature have passed measures preventing the introduction of Sharia law into our state’s judicial system.

Preventing the introduction of Sharia Law into our judicial is far more pressing to the state’s court system than let’s say having a computer information system that can retrieve old cases.

Have you tried to research an old case file in a county clerk’s office?  The state’s file retrieval system in a DOS driven database – 1980’s DOS far outdated by today’s cloud computing.

What about the information disconnect between the various silos of our court system?  Too many Superior Court Judges in North Carolina can’t access work files, criminal histories or probation and parole records on their desktop computers.

But addressing the Sharia Law issue is far more important than that. Why should be worried about I/T issues facing our judges, prosecutors, clerks and corrections officials when we need to deal with Sharia Law?

Don’t let the fact that every judge and juror in the State of North Carolina takes an oath of office, swearing or affirming allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the North Carolina Constitution and the rule of law get in the way of playing to the small minded people who cocoon themselves watching Fox News and Doomsday Preppers.

Sharia Law isn’t a threat to our judicial system. Sharia Law isn’t a threat to our rule of law, which is clearly based on English Common-Law, which has a steep Christian ethic.

Our court system has critical system and infrastructural needs that have been ignored for more than a decade.

Yet our Legislature wants to make Sharia Law the top priority for our court system.  That sort of sums up our politics in North Carolina today.

To be blunt, it’s rather pitiful.




July 10, 2013 at 11:31 pm
dj anderson says:

Not against Sharia Law in NC courts....hmmm...that headline would read Democratic Heavy weight for Sharia Law in the New York Times Editorial. Spin, upon spin...