The dumbest tweet

Published October 14, 2021

By Thomas Mills

The dumbest take on Twitter this week, and maybe year, came from Senate President Pro-tem Phil Berger’s press shop. After Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson sent out a fundraising letter calling for Democrats to “curb Lt. Governor Mark Robinson” and his attacks on the LGBT community, Berger’s press shop tweeted that “curbed” is skinhead slang for assault. Berger then called for Richardson to resign.

Berger should be embarrassed. The common use of the verb to curb is to restrain or lessen, as in the famous Larry David sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm. Instead of using common sense, Berger accused Bobbie Richardson, who is Black, of using a racist term to threaten Robinson. The bigger question why is Berger’s crew using the obscure slang of skinheads? I’ve never heard “curbed” used that way in my life and I read a lot. Maybe they are hanging around with the wrong crowd.

Berger is mostly trying to deflect criticism of his new Black friend, Mark Robinson. Robinson may be a bigot, but he’s all the GOP has right now to point to the fact they are not the party of White people. That Berger will defend Robinson despite the lieutenant governor’s hate speech says more about Berger than Bobbie Richardson. 

 It also says a lot about the GOP right now. They are a party embracing outright homophobia and falsely accusing Democrats of bigotry. It’s textbook propaganda. As Joseph Goebbels said, “Accuse your opponents of what you are doing.” That’s the GOP today.