The NC State Fair – The Excellence Continues

Published October 17, 2013

By Brad Crone

by Brad Crone, Campaign Connections and NC SPIN panelist, October 16, 2013.

When I was 23 years-old, I had the opportunity to work for Commissioner of Agriculture Jim Graham working in his public affairs office with Jim Devine and June Brotherton.

It was a real learning experience and one of things I realized real quick was how much Jim Graham loved the North Carolina State Fair.

Jim Graham sunk hours of time working with State Fair Manager Sam Rand to make sure he put on one great show.  Commissioner Graham really understood the meaning of the State Fair and why people loved to come and take part.

He knew the State Fair was his trademark; it was his brand.

If Jim Graham could see the fair today, I truly think he would be proud.  Commissioner Steve Troxler has embraced the fair – very much like Jim Graham did and has put his special mark on it.

He has improved the midway, he has improved the exhibit halls, he has worked to make it more family friendly and he has made sure that the state’s agricultural economy is highlighted and recognized for all its hard work and economic vitality it brings to North Carolina.

Commissioner Troxler should be given credit for investing in the fair.  Troxler has branded it for himself and done so in a manner that is good for the fair, great for the fairgoer and even better for the institution.

State Fair Manager Wes Wyatt is a protйgй of Commissioner Graham working at the State Fair since 1973. He worked under Sam Rand and he knows the fair business as well as anyone in the nation. He has worked diligently to make sure the dreams and visions of Commissioner Troxler are realized and he has led the effort to modernize and update – keeping the grounds and facilities in tip-top shape.

Whether you are watching the faces of the senior citizens or the smiles of a seven-year-old – the joy and excitement of the State Fair is a vivid endorsement of Commissioner Troxler’s work.

There’s no doubt that the State Fair is Commissioner Troxler’s fair.  He has followed in the footsteps of a legend – filling Commissioner Grahams 15 EEE boots is a tall order – but one Steve Troxler has done successfully.

North Carolinians should be proud of Commissioner Troxler and Fair Manager Wes Wyatt.  The NC State Fair is one of the most successful fairs in the nation – bringing in nearly one million people, entertaining generations and putting on one heck of a show

As Jim Graham looks down on the start of another State Fair, you know he has to have a smile on his face; knowing the State Fair is in such good hands.  So hats are off to Commissioner Troxler and Fair Manager Wes Wyatt for a great job putting on another State Fair.