The swamp: alive and well

Published July 29, 2021

By Carter Wrenn

The other day Mitch McConnell told Chuck Schumer that not one Republican Senator would vote to raise the debt ceiling…then in the next breath told Schumer how to raise the ceiling on his own without a single Republican vote.

Schumer shot back: ‘This debt is Trump’s debt. It’s Covid debt. Americans pay their debts.’ To Schumer, borrowing isn’t borrowing – it’s paying debts.

Over in the House, climbing up onto her pedestal Nancy Pelosi declared she was appointing a ‘bi-partisan’commission to investigate the January 6 riot. She appointed eight members, told Kevin McCarthy he could name five. As soon as he did Pelosi booted two of McCarthy’s appointees off the committee – they were too pro-Trump.

Schumer calls borrowing paying debt. McConnell says no to borrowing then tells Schumer how to borrow more. Pelosi claims she’s ‘bi-partisan’ then gives two Republicans the boot.

The swamp’s alive and well…