Trump to NC: Vote twice!

Published September 3, 2020

By Thomas Mills

Donald Trump brought his clown show to North Carolina again and this time, he encouraged people to vote twice—once by mail and once in person. He seemed to think that would either test the mail-in system in the state or ensure that people’s vote actually counted. I’m not exactly sure what he meant and I doubt he did, either. Regardless, he urged people to break the law and I suspect we’ll have more than a few MAGA sheep follow him off the cliff.

We’ve gotten so used to the President of the United States spouting utter bullshit that it barely got any attention. A few places covered it, but before the Age of Trump, absurd statements like this one would cause political damage. Now, it’s just fodder for social media and directions to his idiot base.

Republicans don’t even try to excuse Trump. They either pretend like he never said anything or they didn’t know about it or that he was somehow joking. In the wake of Trump’s suggestion that people vote twice, former Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party Dallas Woodhouse told us not to believe what the president said. He tweeted, “People have learned not to take everything literally with Trump, but it would have been better not to say it, even in jest.” Obviously, the president wasn’t joking.

 Over on CNN, Attorney General William Barr continued to defend the president instead of taking his job to protect the American people seriously. He told Wolf Blitzer that he didn’t know what the laws in every state were. Blitzer asked him if any states allowed voting twice. He repeated his claim that he didn’t know the laws in every state. Again, this man is the Attorney General of the United States. He’s either a partisan hack or an utter idiot. I believe it’s the former.

Trump and company have argued that mail-in ballots could lead to election fraud, but voting twice is just testing the system. The whole episode is classic Trump. He’s trying to create uncertainty and cast doubt on any outcome unfavorable to him. If he loses, he’ll claim voter fraud, possibly because some of his idiot base will vote twice. The goal is chaos.