Trump's VP

Published March 14, 2024

By Gary Pearce


You may have laughed or recoiled at Senator Katie Britt’s State of the Union response, but Trump is thinking:

“This is my kind of girl. She’s a looker, just my type. And she knows a woman’s place: in the kitchen. She won’t be like that damn Pence. She’ll do what I tell her.”

Plus, Britt showed she can lie like Trump.

She told of going to the border and hearing a woman’s horrific story of rape and sex trafficking.

She said, “We wouldn’t be OK with this happening in a Third World country. This is the United States of America, and it is past time, in my opinion, that we start acting like it. President Biden’s border policies are a disgrace.”

But former AP reporter Jonathan Katz did a basic journalistic thing. He checked out her story.

It didn’t check out.

It didn’t happen this year. It happened 20 years ago.

It didn’t happen under President Biden. It happened under President George W. Bush.

It didn’t happen in the United States of America. It happened in Mexico.

Britt, like Trump, won’t back down from her lie.

More proof she’s the perfect running mate.

Being a Trump supporter today means you’ll swallow any lie The Leader tells you.

Being Trump’s running mate means you’ll lie like Trump.

Britt is perfect for the part.