UNC TV renews NC SPIN contract for 2020

Published December 6, 2019



It’s a New Year for Long-Running Political Discussion Series 


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, 12/6/2019—UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina today announced the one-year contract extension with Tom Campbell, executive producer and host of NC SPIN, to produce and broadcast NC SPIN on UNC-TV’s statewide network. NC SPIN launches its 23rd season Friday, January 3, at 7:30 PM, on UNC-TV.


“UNC-TV remains deeply committed to providing trusted, nuanced, and measured analysis of the policies and politics that impact the citizens of our state. After discussions with host Tom Campbell on a vision for a 2020 season, and hearing from our passionate viewers, I’m pleased to announce a renewal of NC Spin for the upcoming year”, said UNC-TV CEO Lindsay Bierman. “Kelly McCullen, Director of UNC-TV’s North Carolina Channel, will join the show as co-executive producer and Tom will continue to tap his deep network and knowledge of North Carolina politics to elevate the debate during what’s sure to be a contentious election season.”


Upon taking the helm of UNC-TV in August, Bierman committed himself to reviewing the network’s slate of programming, including rethinking how the organization approaches its public affairs coverage. 


“All of us at NC SPIN are excited about our program being renewed for 2020. We want to thank CEO Lindsay Bierman for his leadership and commitment in having North Carolina public affairs programs as a strong obligation to viewers in our state. We also want to thank the many viewers who have voiced their support for our program,” said Tom Campbell. “As we start this new decade the 2020 elections will be some of the most significant in our lifetimes and NC SPIN pledges to continue our 21-year history of bringing Balanced Debate for the Old North State.” 


With an important election year coming, balanced civil discourse will be more important than ever. Over the next six months, efforts will continue to reevaluate UNC-TV’s broader approach to public affairs programming including the announcement of a slate of new initiatives and priorities in the year to come.

NC SPIN airs weekly on Friday nights, at 7:30 PM, on UNC-TV with encores Sundays, at 12:30 PM, on UNC-TV, as well as on the North Carolina Channel Fridays, at 10 PM, and Sundays, at 10 AM.


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