We have to get rid of both

Published May 9, 2024

By Carter Wrenn

Kristi Noem’s attractive. Long brown hair. Glossy lips. A MAGA superstar on Trump’s list of picks for Vice President. Last weekend she went on Face the Nation to sell her new book – sunk herself.

In her book, telling a story about meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Noem said, “I’m sure he underestimated me…”

The problem: She never met Kim Jong Un.

Margaret Brennan, the host, put her on the spot – Noem could have said, I made a mistake, but, rambling, evading, she couldn’t bring herself to say the word mistake.

She also told a story in her book about getting a threatening phone call from Nikki Haley – she said Haley wanted her to know that there was only room ‘for one Republican woman in the spotlight’…that Haley the ‘alpha female,’ and  Noem should stay in her place.

It turns out Haley didn’t threaten Noem either. But Brennan didn’t ask about that. She did ask about Noem telling a story about shooting her dog. Noem said the dog was mean, killed chickens, was a threat to her children – shooting the dog proved she had the ability to make tough decisions.

The subtitle of Noem’s book is ‘The Truth on What’s Wrong with American Politics and How We Move Forward’ – but out to tell the truth to straighten out America she told two lies.

In ancient Israel they had Sadducees and Pharisees. Two powerful tribes. Both mean. Each hating the other. Both hating Christians. 2000 years later we’ve got two tribes of our own: Politicians in Washington trading favors in back rooms, and anti-Washington politicians – like Noem – who don’t think lies matter. Each battling the other for power. Most people you talk to adamantly tell you they love one and hate the other. They’re on one side or the other. Hardly anyone says, We have to get rid of both.