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Was Justice Served?

Superior Court Judge Gregory Weeks overturned the death sentences of three convicted killers, applying The Racial Justice Act. In the four-week trial Weeks cited several instances where prosecutors...    Read More

December 14, 2012

Time to Step Up

Newly elected Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and the newly reelected Republican legislature may have an ambitious agenda for dramatically cutting taxes or adding new programs to the state budget. But...    Read More

by John Hood   |   December 13, 2012

Time for an overdue pardon

Beverly Perdue is the duly elected Governor of North Carolina for almost another three weeks regardless of the difficulty Republican legislative leaders seem to be having coming to grips with that...    Read More

by Chris Fitzsimon   |   December 13, 2012

McCrory Makes Three Important Appointments

Governor-elect Pat McCrory demonstrated a business-like approach to taking the reins of government in the naming of three key appointments. McCrory said he told his transition team they needed to...    Read More

December 13, 2012

Who should be the NC SPIN Tar Heel of the Year?

In our final program of the year we name a person as the NC SPIN Tar Heel of the Year. Tell us who you think should win this award and why (in 150 words or less). The only criteria is that the winner...    Read More

December 8, 2012

Our Unemployment Debt

The report by the legislature’s Revenue Laws Study Commission is troublesome on several fronts – mostly because doesn’t solve the long-term problem. We incurred this 2.4 billion dollar debt for...    Read More

December 7, 2012

Here Comes Pat

With Pat McCrory not yet inaugurated as the next governor of North Carolina, there is already a conventional wisdom about his administration – that he will have to choose “which Pat” will move...    Read More

by John Hood   |   December 6, 2012