NC SPIN Posts by Becki Gray

Addressing the Keys to Economic Recovery

The General Assembly is three months into the long session. More than 1,700 bills have been filed with fewer than 50 (as of this writing) now law. The first bill signed into law encourages students to...    Read More

by Becki Gray   |   May 11, 2013

If It’s Broke, Fix It

RALEIGH — Gov. Pat McCrory and the General Assembly talk about a broken North Carolina. The left talks about expanding government entitlement programs. I suggest we fix what’s broken before we...    Read More

by Becki Gray   |   March 7, 2013

Tax Reform The Key To Economic Vitality

As the new General Assembly gets under way, there are lots of issues to be considered. Repaying the unemployment insurance debt owed to the federal government, requiring photo identification to vote...    Read More

by Becki Gray   |   January 31, 2013

New Year Brings Opportunity for Reform

A new year brings new opportunities, and North Carolina offers the nation's best opportunities to change state government. North Carolina has the strongest Republican leadership in well over a century...    Read More

by Becki Gray   |   January 10, 2013

Bold Leadership in Raleigh

The 2011-12 North Carolina General Assembly has been under a barrage of attacks for bold moves during the first session under Republican leadership in more than a century. Republican lawmakers have...    Read More

by Becki Gray   |   November 13, 2012

Election Hangover Notes

First Republican governor, state House and Senate and Lt Governor since…. probably ever.  Elections have consequences and this one will bring North Carolina simpler, fairer more transparent tax...    Read More

by Becki Gray   |   November 7, 2012