NC SPIN Posts by D. G. Martin

Bad ideas for the UNC system

What is the worst idea floating around about the UNC system these days? Jesse White, who headed up the Southern Growth Policies Board and also served adjunct professor of government and city and...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   November 9, 2017

Any home for the political middle?

The bottom has fallen out of the Republican Party.” So wrote Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram columnist Cynthia Allen last week. “Well,” she continued, “not the bottom exactly. More like the...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   November 3, 2017

Treasurer Folwell's quick response

I have just spent a couple of hours trying to negotiate the State Health Plan eligibility exercise and am still steaming about the difficulty I had following its directions. Others may have a better...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   June 23, 2017