NC SPIN Posts by D. G. Martin

What we learned last week

What was the lesson we were taught twice last week? Once by Dave Brat, the congressional candidate who defeated House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor? And again by the insurgent forces of ISIS (Islamic...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   June 17, 2014

The Republicans' best choice for 2016

Romney for President. Get used to the idea. But, you say, Mitt Romney has made it clear that he is not interested in running again. He is a two-time loser, which makes him damaged property. And the...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   June 10, 2014

A better way in Germany?

Should we look to Germany for a better way to organize our government? Our parents and grandparents from the “Greatest Generation” would be shocked at the idea that the country they fought so hard...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   December 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Virginia Dare

North Carolina’s most famous missing person just will not go away. One main reason is the work of Chatham County’s Marjorie Hudson, an award-winning writer and teacher of writing. Ten years after...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   August 21, 2013