NC SPIN Posts by D. G. Martin

A Christmas fool

A pet store manager in a shopping mall cares for a homeless and pregnant teenager in a modern day nativity story    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   December 19, 2019

Literary capital for a day

North Carolina "Bookwatch" host D. G. Martin traveled to a rural part of the state and discovered, for at least one day, the literary capital of our state.    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   November 27, 2019

Deficit Alarm Bells

Most every economist agrees the current deficit of spending more than our country takes in is unsustainable. Why aren't we listening to the deficit alarm bells?    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   November 1, 2019

Lessons from Rufus

in his book, "That's Rufus," one of North Carolina's most colorful political figures talks about the dangers of hubris, using an example from his own life.    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   October 10, 2019