NC SPIN Healthcare Forum - Agenda for March 20

Published March 16, 2012

“What the Health: Can We Survive Our Healthcare System" - Forum Agenda, March 20, 2012

GSK Research and Development Auditorium, GSK Main Campus, RTP

8:30 a.m. Open, welcome, introductions, sponsors

Tom Campbell, producer/moderator, NC SPIN

Jack Bailey, Sr. VP Policy, Payers and Vaccines, GlaxoSmithKline, RTP

8:40 a.m. Introduction of keynote speaker – Katherine Thomas, Director of Community Relations and Economic Development, Progress Energy

8:45 a.m. Keynote speech: Dr. Victor Dzau, Duke Health Systems

9:10 a.m. Erskine Bowles on healthcare (video)

9:20 a.m.  Results of Statewide poll on healthcare: Sponsored by NC Dental Society

9:40 a.m.  First panel: “What do we value most, fear most and on what can we agree?”

1.  Lanier Cansler, former Secretary, NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

2.  Dr. Alan Verhey, Ethicist and author: The Christian Art of Dying

3.  Dr. John Morrow, Pitt County Health Director

4.  Bob Seligson, Executive Vice President, NC Medical Society

10:30 a.m. Q&A

10:50 a.m. BREAK

11:05 a.m. Second panel: “Innovations, new ideas, best practices”

1.  Jack Bailey, Senior Vice President, Policy, Payers and Vaccines at GSK.

2.  Dr. Allen Dobson, President, Community Care of North Carolina

3.  Maureen O’Conner, Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Cross

4.  Peter Daniel, Assistant to the President, NC Farm Bureau

11:55 a.m. Q&A

12:15 p.m. Presentation: B.J. Lawson, Physician Care Direct - Introduction new of direct pay primary care solution in NC

12:20 p.m. LUNCH

1:05 p.m. Third panel: “Health care responsibility”

1. Peg O’Connell, Senior Advisor, Fuquay Solutions

2. Dr. Olson Huff, Physician/ Child Advocate

3. Dr. West Lawson, Chief Medical Officer, WakeMed

4. Gregg Thompson, State Director, National Federation of Independent Businesses

1:55 p.m. Q&A

2:15 p.m. Summary comments: “What happened today? Will anything change?”

2:30 p.m. Closing and special announcement