NC SPIN Posts by Rob Schofield

Who asked for this?

Lawmakers disregard public opinion and the common good with anti-consumer bills The process of crafting new laws in a state legislature can be a mysterious and confusing process a lot of the time...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   April 15, 2015

Twelve lousy ideas

The worst proposals thus far in the 2015 legislative session North Carolina lawmakers treated themselves and everyone else to a spring break this week. Committee meetings and floor votes were...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   April 13, 2015

Tracing the right-wing family tree

Names have changed, but the ideas driving the NC conservative movement are distressingly familiar Professor Gene Nichol, the outspoken UNC Chapel Hill Law School professor and anti-poverty warrior who...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   March 31, 2015

Stop obsessing over the next election

What progressive North Carolinians should learn from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Political progressives tend to be an optimistic bunch when it comes to government, so it’s little surprise that many of...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   March 24, 2015

Healthcare system meltdown?

Thirty-five years ago, Hollywood made the American public aware of something called “The China Syndrome” – a vivid and terrifying descriptive term for the potentially devastating consequences...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   February 24, 2015