NC SPIN Posts by Rob Schofield

Capitalism? Socialism? Fascism?

Crude labeling is not helping the debate There’s a bit of dark humor in the wacky world of online political discourse about how few back-and-forth comments it typically takes before someone accuses...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   September 5, 2014

Rousing a sleeping giant

Why politicians of both parties may rue the awakening of North Carolina’s progressive movement There is a bit of mythology percolating through the mainstream news media these days that the Moral...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   May 28, 2014

Wall Street values on Jones Street

The moral decline of modern capitalism infects North Carolina state government There are lots of insidious ways in which the unfettered greed and inequality of 21st capitalism are infecting and...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   March 4, 2014

Political climate change?

It’s been several months since the North Carolina General Assembly adjourned the 2013 long session last July and there’s no mistaking the altered vibe that now pervades the state capital. When...    Read More

by Rob Schofield   |   February 18, 2014