The grift of the mindless MAGABOTS

Published April 11, 2024

By Cash Michaels

As you read this, always keep in mind…when it comes to Donald Trump, hate means money. The more hate he can generate, the more money he raises.

It’s the gas that fuels his unorthodox presidential campaign, and feverish quest to return to power. The only reason why Trump doesn’t require his rabid “Make America Great Again” supremacist followers - let’s call them “MAGAbots” - to wear newly fitted white cotton sheets to his campaign rallies, is because he wants them to hand over the $34.95 they would spend to him instead.

Now, I understand that some folks don’t like a whole lot of name calling, but what do you call people who blindly worship a criminally-inclined cult leader no matter what he says or does? 

In my mind, “Republican” just doesn’t capture the entirety of this hellbent mindlessness.

This political phenomenon may be considered old news - how the hate that Donald “I’ll be a dictator on Day One” Trump foments translates into instant cash for him. But it has proven to be a dangerous grift that continues to pour salt into the wounds of ordinary but disgruntled Americans already convinced that their fellow non-MAGAbot citizens are the enemy.

“We will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country, that lie and steal and cheat on elections, and will do anything possible, they will do anything whether legally or illegally, to destroy America and to destroy the American dream,” Trump, who added that the greatest threats to America are from within,  bellowed at a campaign rally in New Hampshire last Veterans Day. 

The fact that this man can hold such unshakable pseudo-religious power over tens of millions of fellow countrymen and women throughout our land is frightening, and suggests that none of us have a handle on what the future really holds for our nation.

After this election, regardless of the outcome, their deep scars will be hard to heal, if they ever do. And that is NOT good for a nation with so much promise, and good, still in it.

Right now, by every account, Trump’s campaign and Republican Party coffers are reportedly running light compared to the Democratic Party’s multi-multi million dollar fundraising machine , but it’s only April. Trump’s folks don’t seem like they’re sweatin’ it, because they have an ace up their sleeve.

Use every opportunity to call illegal immigrants “animals;” the press, “the enemy of the people;” Democrats “fascists.” 

Keep the cauldron of hate boiling, and watch the money just roll on in.

Trump has even posted a :20 second video of a pickup truck with a Trump campaign flag going down a highway, displaying an illustration of President Joe Biden hog-tied and kidnapped on the tailgate like some captured animal.

And I thought the Hillary Clinton-inspired “Lock her up” was the lowest rung on the truly-despicable ladder.

Now that he has complete control of the Republican Party, Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara, the new RNC co-chairwoman, is counting on even the poorest MAGAbot to cough-up their last dime, if necessary.

“If you can’t afford a donation today, I ask that you would save it for a later date,” Lara brazenly sandbags supporters via a recent campaign video. “But if you could donate even as much as $5, it will go a long way.”

Hey, MAGAbot poor person, read the fine print. According to The NY Times, the new Republican National Committee under Trump must now donate some of its fundraising to paying his big legal bills. So when you scrape up your last five bucks, be clear that part of it is going to Orange Man’s defense attorneys.

But check out how Lara pumps up the hate to make sure that MAGAbots get up off that coin:

“…people are furious right now and they see the attacks against him. They feel like it’s an attack, not just on Donald Trump, but on this country … So I think that is a big interest to people [to give to the RNC]. Absolutely.”

Trump has been going to the bank by galvanizing every grievance he can exploit felt by poor and middle-class whites, off-the-wall evangelicals, conservative blacks and Hispanics, right-wing women….anyone who professes to be through with the government, and shares his disregard and disrespect for it.

And naturally, he separately fundraises off right-wing rich fat cat folks who never want to pay their fair share in taxes.

That’s the reason why he can get away with criminal accusations of sexual molestation, bribery, stealing government documents, illegal use of campaign funds, etc. The MAGAbots Trump leads simply hate the people making those charges so much, they’d rather tolerate his lawlessness, than come back to their senses and rejoin the society they live in.

And Trump is banking big because of it.

Just who are these MAGAbots really, and why are they so twisted?

Psychology Today - first place to go when you want to understand the-hard-to-understand

According to a December 2017 article there titled. An Analysis of Trump Supporters Has Identified 5 Key Traits,” by Dr. Bobby Azarian, those five psychological traits are - authoritarianism (folks who easily follow a charismatic leader because they’re afraid of an “outgroup” threatening them); social dominance orientation ( people who prefer high status groups (whites) over lower status groups (immigrants and people of color); prejudice (Trump’s attacks on Mexicans as “murderers and rapists,” Muslims as “dangerous,”  the Chinese for creating COVID-19 and referring to Haiti as a “sh-thole” country); intergroup contact ( in this case meaning that Trump’s mostly white supporters experience significantly less contact with people of color than other Americans) and relative deprivation ( refers to the discontent felt when one compares their position in life to others who they feel are equal or inferior to but have unfairly had more success than them).

Remember, that article came out in December 2017, so a revisit now to how Trump is priming the MAGAbot pump, seven years later, is bound to be even worse. And it is!

Trump is unabashedly promoting a “bloodbath”  by his supporters if he’s not re-elected in November. Imagine folks who share the aforementioned “five key traits” being armed and pissed off because they perceive that their leader was “cheated” once again for re-election, like he alleges happened in 2020.

Think Trump has a loyal following now? Loyal enough to keep giving money, stocking up on weapons, and preparing for the next “January 6th?”

The NY Times reported last weekend that during a recent bigwig fundraiser, Trump offered this dark prediction for 2024: “‘This could very well be the last election this country ever has,’ Mr. Trump said, using a line that has become standard at his rallies. ‘July 4 is not as important as this as far as I’m concerned.’”

Is that chilling talk or what? Are we paying any attention to any of this?

Every perceived indignity against him in every court case further deepens the reality chasm between MAGAbots and regular Americans. That’s why he’s so publicly defiant in court. He doesn’t care about winning those cases. Trump wants to be the martyr of the “crooked” political system to enflame the passions of his MAGAbot base so they keep those big bucks coming in.

And evangelical and black MAGAbots, we can’t leave you out. Trump has $60.00 bibles and $399.00 golden sneakers on sale for you folks too!

Orange Man doesn’t miss a trick, or a target to fleece.

As long as there are devoted MAGAbots to scam, Trump is in business.

Apparently, creaky old Joe Biden is using the threat of Trump’s MAGAbots grift to his campaign’s benefit, as well. 

He and VP Kamala Harris are raising big money by warning Democratic donors that if Trump gets back into the White House, it would be fatal for America.

Not just bad for the U.S.


That means Joe is fighting Trump as the mad dog that he is, giving no quarter, and showing Democrats that at 81 (or is it 82?), Joe Biden still has that stiff Irish spine the Blarney Stone folks are famous for. GOD bless him!

But winning an election is one thing. 

Leading a deeply divided nation haunted by a deranged, dangerous but cunning political lunatic who raises money promising a “bloodbath” on our streets, is something else.

A bloodbath that Trump is steadily promoting, paid for with  the frightening grift of his mindless MAGAbots. GOD help us!