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Gasoline Horses

North Carolina’s live horse population is over 300,000. Live horses are a significant agricultural industry. The infrastructure supporting live horses includes: buyers and sellers; the land on...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   July 19, 2018

Visiting our General Assembly

Several generations of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill students studied our state’s history under Dr. Hugh Talmage Lefler using his book, " The History of a Southern State North Carolina...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   June 23, 2017

Bad apples

There are about thirty-seven ways to get an appointment/job in a Governor's administration. The first is for the Governor to know you personally. He knows your character and capabilities. All other...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   September 10, 2013

Extended Futility

About a year ago, we introduced the term, "Hartmann's Law," on NCSpin. The definition of Hartmann's Law is: Never create more enemies than you can handle at the time. Hartmann's Law is the political...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   September 7, 2013