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Visiting our General Assembly

Several generations of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill students studied our state’s history under Dr. Hugh Talmage Lefler using his book, " The History of a Southern State North Carolina...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   June 23, 2017

Bad apples

There are about thirty-seven ways to get an appointment/job in a Governor's administration. The first is for the Governor to know you personally. He knows your character and capabilities. All other...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   September 10, 2013

Extended Futility

About a year ago, we introduced the term, "Hartmann's Law," on NCSpin. The definition of Hartmann's Law is: Never create more enemies than you can handle at the time. Hartmann's Law is the political...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   September 7, 2013

Funding Public Education

About one-half of our counties' budgets and at least half of our state's general fund budget is appropriated for education in public schools, community colleges and universities. The purpose of these...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   July 25, 2013

Tax Reform: Dull Ax or Sharp Knife?

In order to revise our tax system, the Senate proposal used a dull ax. The House/Governor/Final version used a sharp knife. The Senate proposal was wholesale and the House/Governor/Final version is...    Read More

by Joe Mavretic   |   July 16, 2013