NC SPIN Posts by Lib Campbell


It’s one thing to apologize for racist comments, but quite another to root out the animus that seeds Racism.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   June 1, 2023

Puppy love

To love God’s creatures is a holy blessing. Welcoming furry four-legged love is a gift indeed.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   May 11, 2023


A reunion is a blessed time of remembering what was, giving thanks, and making our plan for what’s next but I can tell you that 78 is not the "new" 50.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   April 20, 2023

Loss of the innocents

Our reluctance to find solutions for the gun violence among us is robbing us of a future with hope. I will not stop calling for gun control until I see some action that makes a difference.     Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   April 6, 2023