My Spin by Tom Campbell

Bolton Speaks at Duke

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton appeared at Duke University Monday. It was a most interesting event with an intriguing player in world politics.    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   11:50 a.m. Tuesday

Collateral damage

At some level all 10 million of us are collateral damage in the childish political budget fight. Maybe we've got the wrong leaders.    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 6, 2020

Who is today's moral voice?

Last week's Martin Luther King Day reflections resulted in an acknowledgment that the fight for civil rights isn't over. Who is stirring the moral conscience today?    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   January 30, 2020

The "transformative twenties"

It's one thing to predict what is going to happen in the coming year, but quite another to forecast for a decade. A number of respected futurists help tell what we should expect.    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   January 9, 2020