My Spin by Tom Campbell

The end of a 62-year love affair

This weekend marks the end of a sports era. Since I was around at the beginning, I want to join others in mourning the loss of over-the-air broadcasts of ACC sports. Most pundits incorrectly credit...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   March 14, 2019

Rocky Mount to get up to 200 new jobs

Tuesday morning the Council of State approved the move of the DMV from their headquarters on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh to the old Hardee’s hamburgers headquarters building on Church Street in Rocky...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   March 5, 2019


From reading your comments on our website and our Facebook page it is clear that some of you don’t understand the difference between our TV show vs. what we attempt on our website and social media...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 28, 2019

A family feud

Do you remember the TV game show Family Feud? It was good fun as one family competes with another for cash prizes, but we all know that real life family feuds can be bitter, divisive and cause great...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 21, 2019

Motoring with DMV

The proposed DMV move brings to mind one of the old Three Stooges comedies, the one where one of the zany trio says, “I’ve cut this board three times and it’s still too short.” Our state...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 14, 2019

Sometimes a teacher, often a student

The request was for me to talk to an audience about how to conduct civil, meaningful and honest discussions among people with different faiths, politics and philosophies. The inviter, an Episcopalian...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 7, 2019

Stuck in the middle

Candidates are lining up to run in 2020 and we’ve heard those running on a more liberal or “progressive” platform, as well as those espousing a more conservative agenda. There’s one big...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   January 31, 2019