NC SPIN Posts by Phil Kirk

Principals getting deserved raises

The North Carolina General Assembly has correctly focused on raising salaries for teachers during the past six years while compensation for principals and assistant principals left our state at or...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   September 6, 2018

Don't close charter public schools

The recent recommendation from the North Carolina Justice Center that the state close charter   public schools which aren't diverse makes no sense whatsoever. The Justice Center staff, which has...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   March 29, 2018

Cooper was right to work on transition

Critics of Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s officially getting his transition underway before the results of a very closely contested race were certified are as unfair as are those who have criticized...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   December 9, 2016

School system has a plan to succeed

Patience is a challenge, especially when dealing with public education issues! Much has been written and said in the past several weeks about the Rowan-Salisbury Schools and I would like to add my...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   November 9, 2015

When Jimmy Carter signed and elephant

As all Americans pray for the healing for former President Jimmy Carter in his battle against cancer, I believe it may be of interest to share a personal experience which illustrates his character...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   September 21, 2015

McCrory a man of honesty

The front-page news story “ payouts to McCrory questioned” on a stock payout to Gov. Pat McCrory is a new all-time low and smacks of biased reporting by The Associated Press. The...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   December 19, 2014

Redistricting revisit

Forty-three years ago as a young, naive Republican state senator from Rowan County, I introduced a bill to provide for a constitutional amendment that would set up a nonpartisan redistricting...    Read More

by Phil Kirk   |   May 28, 2014