Balanced Debate For The Old North State.

No Bunny loves you like NC SPIN this Easter. This week's program provides eggsactly the balanced debate you want on several important education topics, including the teacher shortage in our state and what can be done to put more teachers in our classrooms. We ask our panel to comment on the upcoming teacher rally to be held in Raleigh on May 1st and why the legislature dislikes NCAE. Next we move to the special elections that are coming in the 3rd and 9th Congressional districts and look at early voting, which candidates are gaining traction and our predictions on voter turnout. And, as always we ask the panel to tell us something we don't know. Our panel this week consists of Becki Gray, VP for the John Locke Foundation; former Senator and former chair of the State Board of Education, Howard Lee; columnist and author John Hood; and Chris Fitzsimon, Director of The Newsroom. Please join this special Easter edition of NC SPIN.

My Spin by Tom Campbell

When will lawmakers go home?

After a break for Easter lawmakers will pick up the pace. They want to adjourn by July 4th but there's lots to be done before they can do so. Read More

10:40 a.m. today

Run against Trump

Thomas Mills with Politics NC writes that energy among Democrats is with younger candidates but their voters are older    Read More

April 11, 2019

State voters still closely split

In North Carolina, political power is divided. Republicans control the state legislature, although without the supermajorities they once enjoyed. Democrats occupy such jobs as governor and attorney...    Read More

by John Hood   |   April 4, 2019

Cooper's wall

Will Roy Cooper have a wall this summer? Could it be something like Donald Trump’s wall on the Mexican border that he promised to build. Do you remember how he said he would veto the emergency...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   April 4, 2019

Education needs choice and competition

As a policy analyst and opinion journalist, I have spent much of my career advocating the expansion of choice and competition in education. I purposefully use both of those terms, because I think that...    Read More

by John Hood   |   April 4, 2019

Be prudent with state budget

When the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released revised employment data a few days ago, North Carolina got some unwelcome news. After years of outpacing the national and regional averages in job...    Read More

by John Hood   |   March 28, 2019

Motherhood and writers

Carol Folt’s swift departure from the chancellorship of UNC-Chapel Hill a few weeks ago and her just as swift hiring as the president of the University of Southern California got me thinking...    Read More

by D. G. Martin   |   March 28, 2019

Debunking those Medicaid Expansion job claims

On the first day of the regular 2019 legislative session, Democrats introduced legislation to expand Medicaid in North Carolina. Among the justifications for expansion given at the press conference...    Read More

March 28, 2019

Folwell, House GOP face off

by Kirk Kovach, NC Policy Watch, March 28m 2019. A few weeks ago I wrote about the simmering battle between the uber-conservative State Treasurer Dale Folwell and his Republican compatriots in the...    Read More

March 28, 2019

Lawmakers can reduce healthcare costs

Health care costs too much. Are we agreed? Great. Perhaps now we can discuss the more interesting question of what policymakers should do about the problem. There are dozens of different proposals to...    Read More

by John Hood   |   March 28, 2019

Special elections won't be 2018 rerun

Democrats made substantial gains in the 2018 elections, both in the U.S. House and in state offices. They did so primarily by running against the incumbent president, as is usually true for midterm...    Read More

by John Hood   |   March 21, 2019