NC SPIN Posts by Lib Campbell

Loving football

If football is America's pastime, football is America's obsession. Our “contemporary Gladiators” provide great entertainment, as if we are at the Roman Coliseum.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   January 12, 2023

19 Dollars a month

Many causes attempt to tug at your heartstrings, urging you to donate $19 per month, but how do you know if your contribution is effectively spent?    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   January 5, 2023

Tabula Rasa

This 13th century concept is the promise of new beginnings that are exactly what the start of a new day or new year afford.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   December 29, 2022

Playing political games

Playing political games every two, four, or six years may shift the board, but is rarely creates a stability that will move us forward toward the more perfect union once envisioned.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   November 30, 2022

Acting like we own the joint

The Thanksgiving table has to be navigated carefully these days. It is also a place where adult children often reveal their teenage mischief to their parents.    Read More

by Lib Campbell   |   November 17, 2022