My Spin by Tom Campbell

For wont of the public trust

The Duke Energy coal ash saga reminds us of the old poem, “For Wont of a Nail.” No doubt you remember that because of a missing horseshoe nail a horse, a rider, a message, a battle, a war and a...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   April 4, 2014

A third political party in NC?

Fact: 26 percent of all registered voters are Unaffiliated. More than one in four had the option of registering as a Democrat or a Republican but chose not to do so. Some probably chose to remain...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   March 28, 2014

Why vouchers?

Momma always said you can learn more listening than you can speaking, so now that a judge has called a temporary halt to North Carolina’s school voucher program let’s spend time in listening to...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 27, 2014

Amanda Ripley's believe it or not

The subject was compelling, the issue timely and the conservation was sometimes provocative at this year’s Emerging Issues Forum focusing on teachers and the great economic debate. Not unlike her...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   February 13, 2014