My Spin by Tom Campbell

70 Years along the Road to Character

Seventy years ago on August 14, 1945, America and its Allies observed V-J Day, the end of World War II. As we remember all those who sacrificed and contributed to this effort it is fitting to consider...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   August 14, 2015

Don't blame state employees

It is understandable how public employees may feel like punching bags. They are subject to jabs that there are too many of them on the public dole, that they don’t work hard, don’t get much done...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   August 7, 2015


Is it just me or have we come to a time when people can say anything they want with no sense of remorse of concern for others? The current presidential circus is filled with candidates calling each...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   July 31, 2015

Judicial retirement

We expect an announcement soon that Superior Court Judge Howard “Howdy” Manning, Jr. will be retiring upon reaching the mandatory judicial retirement age. Our state will lose a dedicated and...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   July 17, 2015

Fixing our annual budget crisis

Few are surprised our legislature came up to the deadline to pass a new state budget and was forced to pass a continuing resolution. It’s a regular occurrence. Fewer still have raised questions why...    Read More

by Tom Campbell   |   July 3, 2015